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7 Reasons Why Private Education Will Make Your Child a Winner

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There is absolutely no doubt that most parents want nothing more than to see their children excel in life and become intelligent, well-adjusted adults. One area that parents constantly worry about is their children’s education.

We live in a world where paper qualifications are essential to getting good jobs and progressing in one’s career. While a good education is not a definite guarantee of success, it sure makes the journey smoother and faster.The key to giving your child an edge in life will be to give them the best possible education that’s available. You’ll need to take a hands-on approach and check on the school’s curriculum, teachers’ experience, school’s accountability and if possible, get reviews from parents who have had children in these schools.

There is no denying that the benefits of private education far exceed those of public schools. This is not a matter of discrimination but practicality. One does need to face the facts that children usually get better results with a private education.

Lancashire has some of the best private schools around. Let’s look at why you should consider private education for your child. The benefits listed below will help you understand what private education has to offer.

* Superior Academic Opportunities

It is well known that private schools pride themselves on having a reputation of excellence. The success of these schools depends on their students doing well and living up to the school’s reputation. So you can expect the staff and school board to go out of their way to bring out the best in your children. If your children do well, the school looks good too.

Students of different ages will get different benefits. Toddlers will be taught at a nursery level by a private school teacher who will encourage the child’s inquisitive nature and help them learn better.
Older students will be encouraged to do their best and excel in their studies. The entire atmosphere of a private school is very conducive to making a student want to do his best.

This attitude will help students reach a high altitude. Private schools have meticulous and stringent tests and exams to hone the student’s skills and knowledge. This is one of the biggest benefits of private education.
Your child will be well-prepared and their chances of getting into a prestigious college will be much higher. The private school would have given them the tools and an edge to perform better and pass their tests with flying colors.

With the right private education, most students at elementary and high school levels will do way better than their peers who are in public schools.

* Focus on Discipline

Like Jim Rohn once said, “Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.” It is common knowledge that discipline in public schools is extremely lax these days. Children are often rude and feel that it’s ‘cool’ to stand up to authority.

Such behavior is not tolerated in private schools which have a reputation to uphold. There are strict rules and a certain code of conduct that has to be followed. Private schools usually pride themselves on being hallowed places of learning.

There is a zero tolerance policy for substance abuse, vandalism, cheating, stealing and other negative behavior. By keeping the students on the straight and narrow path in the early years, private education will instill values such as discipline, good behavior, pride in one’s self and a healthy sense of self-esteem. These students will carry these values all throughout life even when they go into college and university.

* Class Sizes are More Personal

It’s often seen in the news that public school teachers are burdened with class sizes that are too large for them to manage effectively. This problem hardly occurs in private schools.
One of the benefits of private education is the class size is kept small and manageable so that the teachers can cater to the different children’s needs and teach them accordingly. It will not be a one size fits all approach.

Teachers will be able to teach different children at different paces. The faster ones can be kept busy with the more challenging work while the slower students can be given more help. This is a much more personal approach and you can only get it with private education.

* Qualified Teachers

The teachers in private schools are often very well-qualified and are professionals in their fields. You can bet that private schools will hire the best educators because parents expect the best for their money.
Over and above that, the school’s standing and reputation lies in the hands of these teachers. You can rest assured that your children are being taught by people who truly understand how to teach and bring out the best in your children.

* Develops an All-rounded Education with Extracurricular Activities

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy and the private schools in Lancashire have sports and other interests for students to engage in. There is something for everyone from music to the arts and special interest classes. These extracurricular activities will allow your children to get a much needed break from the daily humdrum of studies and tests.

* Getting Parents More Involved

It’s always good for parents to take an interest in what their children are doing. Private schools encourage a lot of bonding between the parents and teachers through school events such as family camping weekends and regular parent-teacher meetings.
By doing so, the parents will get a better idea of how their child is progressing and the teacher’s will also understand the students better.

* Impeccable Standards

This is probably one of the deciding factors for most parents. Private schools have better coursework, reputation and education standards than other schools. The focus on excellence will make your child reach his or her full potential.

The teachers are qualified. The facilities are excellent. The peers will be well-behaved and disciplined so that your child will feel safe. The attitude of doing one’s best will be inculcated in your child. That combined with a rigorous curriculum and healthy extracurricular activities will give your child a fantastic head start in life.

These are the benefits of private education and why it’s wonderful if you can enroll your child in a private school. You will thank yourself that you did… and one day your child will thank you. It doesn’t get better than this.

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